Brisk Breeze




Bat Pony (formerly pegasus)


Male now mare

Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:



Combat Ranking:


History: No one's really sure where Brisk came from. Not even he is. Any memory he had before he left Crystal Spires is fuzzy at best. He might be from there originally.Having left, his thirst for adventure has drawn him the length an breadth of the land. He is seldom seen without his trademark red and blue scarf.

Personality: Cheerful and optimistic, he has a tendency to be a little flighty. He gets very easily bored and just as easily drawn to the next shiny object that crosses his path.

Others: His love of shiny things and collecting those shiny things makes him a bit of a kleptomaniac. He has a habit of picking things up, and forgetting that he has them until he gets home.

Equipment: An ice pattern scarf. (+5 hp. When equipped)

Arcadia's Crown: Once per week, can perform a wish

Dream Helm +10 hp Dream chest piece 12 hp +7 hit  Dream cloak Allows you to enter peoples dreams and memories. Dream leggings +4 hit Dream gauntlets +7dmg.

Nightmare Claymore. This blade has a black metal,and a fierce ability to cast fear with a d100 roll above 50 is success below nothing Also +10 dmg dice.